Best 15 Books to Read for Better Leadership and Business Acumen

Fostering business and leadership skills can be done simply by reading a good book or two on the subject. There are numerous bestselling books in the market today that focus on cultivating excellent business sense and leadership abilities, out of which 15 are really worth reading.

Grit – Angela Duckworth

Grit, a novel by psychologist Angela Duckworth focuses on the special balance of persistence and passion that she refers to as grit, in order to succeed in any profession, especially in the world of business.

Super Bosses – Sydney FinkelStein

Super Bosses by Sydney Finkelstein is also worth reading as it gives viewers a fantastic account of how leaders possess this amazing ability to inspire people, including bosses that are much hated, and looked down upon.

Have a Good Day – Caroline Webb

How to Have a Good Day written by Caroline Webb ought to be read by those looking to strike that perfect balance between work and pleasure.

Conscious Capitalism – Rajendra Sisodia and John Mackey

Conscious Capitalism by Rajendra Sisodia and John Mackey is a must read, especially its detailed account of the trials and tribulations faced by the whole foods market in the Global North.

Everybody Matters – Raj Sisodia and Bob Chapman

Everybody Matters by Raj Sisodia and Bob Chapman is good to read for those looking to develop effective people policies. It focuses particularly on the absence of humanity and human feeling in the boardroom today.

Presence – Amy Cuddy

Presence by Amy Cuddy focuses on how self confidence should be developed for critical stages in work life, such as when appearing for a job interview.

What Works – Iris Bohnet

What Works by Iris Bohnet is excellent to address the gender divide that exists in the professional world. It presents some useful research based solutions that may be used to address the gender bias at the workplace.

Are you Fully Charged – Tom Rath

This book talks about the three essential ways that people ought to adopt to give a considerable boost to their professional and personal lives.

Just Listen – Mark Goulston

Goulston makes use of his experience as a business consultant and psychiatrist to talk about the doable techniques that may be deployed to get through to other people.

The Best Place to Work – Ron Friedman

This piece draws upon extensive research to demonstrate how people can become more human when carrying out routine work.

Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work – Susan Fowler

Fowler stresses upon new ways to lead and energize people rather than falling back on the same old carrot and stick techniques of motivation.

Trust Factor – Paul J Zack

This interesting book talks about the manner in which brain chemicals can impact human behavior and how trust as an emotion really works.

Radical Candor – Kim Scott

Scott highlights on the need for being honest in order to lead and inspire people in new and different ways.

Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver – Ron Wallace

This book talks about the essential tips that all employees need to take to emerge at the very top in their respective professions.

Mastering Civility – Christine Porath

This book draws upon scientific research to suggest ways and means by which the workplace can be made to feel more productive.